About MWD

I'm Erin McCarroll-Williams and thus this little page is dedicated to McCarroll-Williams Designs. This company has been an evolution, of sorts...

The original McCarroll Designs was first created as a freelance agency when my father came back from Vietnam in the late 1960's - that's when it was still called "commercial art" like you hear them say on Mad Men. Very cool.

He was an actual illustrator and used these little archaic devices called pens and paper to create his work. That went well for a few decades until Apple came out with a little nifty box that revolutionized the commercial art and printing industries.

Enter me...

I remember spending my Saturday mornings at my dad's print shop playing on Apple's darling creation-sensation that was the Macintosh. I was 4 years old and the absolute highlight of my week was playing in the ridiculously ancient (by today's standards) Apple Paint while my dad worked away on much bigger projects. As I grew up, I was fortunate to see a revolution unfold in advertising and printing. I'm very grateful to remember times filled with colorful pencils, light-boards and Pantone decks. I am even more happy to have had the opportunity to learn some of the most advanced programs in the industry today from some of their original versions. I'm proud to say that while most designers my age opened their first design suite in college, I was doodling around in them before I was 5. That gives me quite a perspective.

My dad fully retired from the business about 10 years ago and I couldn't wait to pick it up. It's since grown into McCarroll-Williams Designs since I married my sweetie in 2005.

My first free-agent tag line for MWD was "creating the future while preserving the past." I still very much believe in that to this very day. I boldly take on new projects while remembering and honoring the roots that got me to where I am today.